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I made a mixtape for an awesome Romanian blog called WARMER CLIMES. Ever since the disastrous spill in the Gulf of Mexico I’ve been researching the various creatures that will probably die out or become seriously endangered, and I’ve begun a fascination with the DYSPHOTIC ZONE, the first layer of the ocean beyond the reach of sunlight. High school biology revisited:

How amazing would it be to hop into a submarine and check out some bioluminescence? Here’s the track list, ordered into three parts given my submarine fantasy:

Part I is the dream, the excitement before departure:
Joy Orbison – So Derobe
Dark Sky – Leave
X-102 – Mimas
Zomby – Float

Part II is The Mission
Turzi – Buenos Aires
Fabio Frizzi – Escape from the Flesheaters
Black Dice – Nite Creme
Wish – We Are Fools

Part III is diving far past sunlight, and the inevitable return to the surface.
Art of Noise – Crusoe
Oneohtrix Point Never – Preyouandi
Zs – Black Crown Ceremony II: Six Realms
ARP – Catch Wave
Ocrilim – Part 7

Download it HERE.

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