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just a little addendum to my prior post: everyone’s always yapping on about how ariel pink essentially birthed glo-fi, which is great and all; i mean, ariel pink’s sound prior to before today was nigh revolutionary among indie artists at the time, especially during the painfully precious early-to-mid-oughts, and it was one all his own. so it’s about time he and his band have gotten due recognition. but one name i’ve rarely heard credited for entertaining glo-fidelity before it glew so brightly is that of sound artist william basinski. basinski had been doing his thing long before ariel pink, making odd sound compositions on tape because tape sounds weird while cassettes were actually still popular (!). i surmise that basinski was at least almost as influential on the glo-fi scene as ariel pink, albeit not because of his ultra-hip underground status, but rather because of the widespread critical attention paid to the disintegration loops (music better summarily described as “memory tapes” than any i’ve ever heard). basinski surely wasn’t alone in his practice, but i’ll be damned if these achingly gorgeous hymns to material senescence hadn’t sown some seeds now being harvested by the likes of washed out, toro y moi, memoryhouse, baths, dem hunger, e&e, and whoever else the fuck you know, sounds like 2010 sounding like 1990 all over again (and again, and again, and again….)


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